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Hidden Art Films is a UK-based production company founded in 2014 by Adam Gregory Smith. 

We feel that the hidden art of original storytelling is the nurturing and development of New and Emerging talent in both live-action and animation forms. 

We achieve this by taking a multi-medium approach when working with our talent pool—encouraging, supporting and facilitating new writers and directors. We develop and execute short- and long-form projects to cement a body of work that best expresses their intentions for the present and future career stages.  

The Company looks for stories that suspend an audience in emotion, primarily with laughter, but we enjoy a good cry. We look for well-drawn characters, genre movies, and stories that allow clear directorial voices. 

The Company has a track record of producing high-quality short films starring established talent such as Julia Deakin, Tim Key, Amit Shah, Emma Sidi, Gemma Jones, and Shirley Henderson.

Films have been screened internationally at BAFTA recognised, Academy Award Qualifying, BIFA qualifying, European Screen Award and Canadian Screen Award nominating festivals. 

If you are a New, Emerging or Established filmmaker or creative who would like to collaborate, please fill in the contact form.

For  Hidden Art Films Diversity Policy please click HERE. 

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